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                           Rex Newell
To our wonderful friend and 4H Leader Rex. Rex passed away this year 2008 due to an unfortunate car accident. Anyone who knew Rex loved his energy and wisdom. Rex had been a 4H leader for 20 years in Nevada and dedicated his life to the kids!  He truly loved teaching families about livestock and the importance of nutrition.  Rex's philosphy was it didn't matter about the "Win" but the end result and making your buyer happy!  Rex taught us all how to be better people and he will truly be missed. He was an inspiration to us all!


"Lucy"Born May 18, 2003 Died June 13, 2006

Lucy was a daughter of Tinkerbell that produced some outstanding champion market lambs. We lost her in an unfortunate trailer accident and we miss her greatly!



"Tinkerbell" was our founding ewe that produced many outstanding breeders herself. She was Nicole's showmanship for many years and took her to many victories. Tinkerbell never knew she was a sheep..but merely an extension of our family.  She is sorely missed and will forever be in our memories! 


Our beautiful Shrop ewe Lola was a pure joy and great Mom!  She produced two beautiful lambs with Ima Rock Star and then died suddendly due to bloat after weaning.  Her lamb "Jersey" looks just like her and is due to lamb her 2nd time this spring of 2009. Jersey has the personality of Lola and is entered in the Futurity for the Nevada State Fair.

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